The Vibe: Getting to the Bottom of the Matter

by Test-Icle


Hello, my fellow travelers.

Yes, it has been a while. Sorry. However, I’m optimistic that by the time you get to the bottom (sorry) of this page, all will be forgiven. But first a confession. I love Melissa. Yeah sure, she is cute and has a seriously hot bod (oh please don’t tell me you haven’t noticed the rack!). But the real reason we all love her so much is her complete openness to all things sexual. Melissa has that wonderful disarming innocence that makes even the most delicate of subjects seem completely normal. Which brings me to The Vibe.


A New Toy: The Vibe

When Mellissa first described the new toy (the Vibe) as something that somehow had something to do with bum hole and balls, I was initially awkward. Understandably! Bum holes are not something us blokey blokes like to talk about leave alone admit that it’s kinda nice “zone” to play with (or better still have your partner play with!!). And then add the ball tickler into the equation. I was really a bit scared. But my technical curiosity got the better of me. A week later, the plain wrap box arrived from RS. Again, still terrified, I picked a quite moment to open the box and take a look. Frankly, once I opened it, I was even more terrified and confused. What the fuck? How does this work? What does it do? I had not seen anything like this before. Let me try to describe it. Imagine a flat strap (about the size of a narrow ruler) with a ring at one end (about the right size to fit a penis through). The strap is semi flexible meaning that you can bend it to shape, and it then stays that shape until you reshape it if you wish to. It has two small vibration motors embedded into the strap. Nice technology.

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How to Use The Vibe

I really wish I had taken a YouTube (no I don’t) of those early minutes of me standing naked in front of the mirror trying to work out what to do with this bloody strap thingo. Hilarious. Anyway, some minutes later I sussed it out. You curve the strap so that one of the motors is on your bum hole and the other is on your ball sack with one ball “hanging” either side (a bit like saddle packs on a motor bike!!). You stick your penis through the ring purely to support the strap. The other end of the strap (at your bum hole) stays in place by slightly clenching your bum cheeks together. And then the initial disappointment. Sure, it feels really nice having the vibration on your bum hole and balls but there is no way it is going to get me to orgasm. So, I put it away for another day. Some days later I had an epiphany. What if I used the Vibe in conjunction with my favourite toy…? … the wonderful Duo. So, I gave it a go.


What's the Outcome? AWESOME!

Bloody Hell!! It is awesome! Best orgasm in ages and ages! At first you feel like the Mission Commander at NASA with so much electronics going on but once you get to lift off it is really a sensational experience. The Duo remains the main ingredient with that lovely “boy clit” tickler but then add the gentle vibration on bum hole and balls and you are landing on the moon in no time. I recommend you close the windows first so as not to excite the neighbours. And make sure you call out the right name so as not to give away your favourite fantasy partner!! Seriously, the combo of Vibe and Duo is memorable. I now use both together regularly. Remember the Duo works very well even with “software”. So, you don’t need to inject or vac first. Just grab the Vibe and the Duo and have as many “impromptu” orgasms as you will. Melissa reminded me that orgasms are crucial for our rehap.

I’m glad to be back. Keep walking my fellow travelers. Good times await.

~ The Test-Icle

"Bloody Hell!! It is awesome! Best orgasm in ages and ages!"

~ The Test-Icle

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