My Thoughts On Pulse Duo (Hot Octopus)/ Nero and Viberect

by | Nov 5, 2020 | Product Reviews

Today was the day I had been waiting for, although my resident penis, Roger, wasn’t so excited!

What is Viberect?

A colleague of mine recently discovered and was very excited by the Viberect’. Viberect is a medical device which delivers vibratory stimulation to the penis, to both the top and the bottom surface of the shaft. Viberect is a TGA approved device provoking erectile function in men with erectile dysfunction. It works by stimulating the pudendal nerve, which plays a vital role in erectile function.

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After charging the device, I was able to coerce Roger to try it out! I must say that his resistance was understandable given that this a scary looking implement think vibrating salad servers!


First impression was that it is noisy; so noisy that when it got going, I could hear it two rooms away. It works by two vibrating pads on the end of the device, which is used to both hold the glans (head) of the penis, whilst also stretching the penis out straight. The vibrations can be adjusted to suit the user’s preference.

So, what did it feel like? Roger says it was “good” once he got over the “weirdness” of it and I stopped laughing! The vibrations were powerful, and he could definitely feel something happening inside the pelvis and the perineum.

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After Roger had his fun, it was my turn. I was keen to try out the Pulse Duo (Hot octopus) and the Nero. I have been recommending the Pulse Duo to my patients for some time. This device helps with orgasm by using vibrations to send stimulation up the shaft to the nerves. Patient feedback has been good however I was keen to see it action myself!

What is the pulse duo? 

Julia Margo, COO of Hot Octopuss calls it a couple’s vibrator. Margo says, “it is designed to press against the frenulum on the underside of the shaft for an intense, rumbly stimulation for the wearer. On the outside of the toy, there’s a second motor that the vulva-owner can enjoy during partnered play, if they position it just right”. Basically, it works by placing the penis inside the device and activating the vibrations, with various levels and pulsing regimes which can be adapted according to personal preference.


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So, what did Roger have to say? His feedback was that it felt good, did the trick and felt nice. He could feel the vibrations in his lower pelvis and up under his “gouch(the skin between base of scrotum the anus), officially known as the perineum.

In my opinion, using this for couples is difficult as it’s not a small enough device and can be awkward to use together. However, Margo says the toy allows you to enjoy the intimacy and intensity of a face-to-face sex, but with minimal effort and without penetration.” I can see the benefits here, particularly if penetrative sex is painful or if mutual masturbation is your thing. The other big bonus of this device is that it can be used with a flaccid penis and induce orgasm. For those of you who didn’t realise, an erection is not required for an orgasm in men (more on this another day).

What is the Nero Beat?

Now let’s look at the Nero BEAT by Playful; a warming stroker made for masturbation. The Nero BEAT looks like a simple device (looking like a windsurfing mast spacer to me) but it is packed with value. It has 9 vibration modes, a warming pad and it’s waterproof... perfect for use in the shower. The Nero BEAT is made from silicone, which feels nice to touch and is not obviously a sex toy always a bonus if it’s found by the cleaner, the kids, or the grandchildren! What did Roger have to say about this device? Rogers review was that it “feels nice but not amazing, without the sensation deep within pelvis, as felt with the Viberect and the Pulse Duo


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My verdict – if you’re looking for a device that is well priced and you’re only wanting to use it for masturbation, then the Nero BEAT is a good option. But if you’re looking to try and stimulate your nerves and improve your erectile function, then give the Viberect or the Pulse Duo a go.

You can buy the Viberect here for $548.