Jett Review from our Resident Roger


What Roger Says

First impression of the latest piece of penis weaponry, the Jett from Hot Octopuss is that it would not look out of place racing into the darkness of deep space as a fighter ship raging war in an episode of Star Wars. With the iconic orchestral music from the star war movies ringing in my ears we head for lift off!

Getting the starship fighter in position for battle is easy enough, however it is all a little top (or should that be tip) heavy and somewhat ungainly at the front end of your launch count down, however I can advise my fellow Jedi once locked in the desired effect is undeniably, effective. The vibrations are all in the right place.

Operational wise the choice of pitches/ vibrations takes a bit of getting used to, but never fear fighter pilot Captain your virgin mission will get this sorted quickly, the device is a fly by wire controller. Whilst a long term test has not been completed it should be noted that this starfighter does not have recharge capability so a trip back to the mothership for battery restock (4 x double A’s should not break the Empire) will be necessary in time or in our mortal world an excellent excuse to visit Bunnings, albeit with a smirk on your face.

 It should be be pointed out that the device is primarily for Hans Solo, whilst Princess Leia could be involved it will be in a supporting role only and if anyone has her number handy……… please share.

So in conclusion either a Jedie or Storm Trooper would be happy to have this piece of kit at their disposal, or as Yoda would say “Hrmm the best is this toy”.

May the force be with you.  

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