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The Test-Icle

Hello again Penis People!

I got the gig! After my previous report (on the Tunnel of Love aka Duo Pulse by Hot Octopus),  Melissa sent me another toy to play with. Melissa sent me Nero because I mentioned to her that I had gained confidence in perhaps having some fun immediately after my injection. I’ve now done over 30 successful injections and am pleased to report that the process evolves from quite stressful initially to routine! Who would have thought that firing a syringe (with the help of the Inject-Ease) into your own penis would become routine!! It does gentlemen, so stick with it (sorry, no pun intended!).

Let’s recap the Duo Pulse. It is sized and designed specifically to assist masturbation for  “software” (a Penis below say 3/10 erection). Please read my earlier report if you missed it!  It’s a wonderful toy! Nero on the other hand (sorry) is designed for firmware and hardware (say anything above a 7/10 erection). In my case, I get at least 10 minutes of a 7+ erection starting within 2 minutes of the injection. It took a few attempts but now Melissa and I have got the mix and quantity sorted! Love your work, Melissa!


Giving Nero A Go...

So, having achieved a handy 7/8 (sorry) after injecting, I thought I would give Nero a go. It was my 32nd injection. Nero is just a bigger version of the Duo and like the Duo, it needs heaps and heaps of KY smeared inside the tunnel before you start! Keep in mind it is entirely washable. I suggest you also apply KY direct onto your penis as well, particularly under your  “Boy Clit” (frenulum) before the fun starts. Don’t stress too much about the vibration setting.  Just start with the basic setting at first. OK, so away we go! 

It took a few seconds to make sure my frenulum was directly above the vibration pad. It also took a few seconds to realise the best design feature of Nero. The top half of the tunnel is quite soft and pliable which means that once you get into a nice rhythm, you can really squeeze the tunnel nicely! The sensation becomes quite natural to the extent that it feels like a “no toy”  natural masturbation but with all the benefit of frenulum vibration! The best of two worlds! 

Success! My notes say, “7 grew to 9 during Nero masturbation with a happy orgasm ending”.  Enough said. And having gained confidence in Nero, my next attempt had an even happier ending with my notes saying, “bloody screamer”!!  

With the confidence gained from the Duo and now Nero, my beautiful and ever-patient wife, and I, are planning our first post prostate “insertion sex”. We’ve continued to have heaps of fun without an insertable penis but are now excited that just maybe, we can rekindle some of our sex screamers!  

Don’t worry Melissa, I’m still going to offer testing of any new toys you send me!! All the best my fellow men. Keep Walking. Good times await. 

~ The Test-icle


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