The Tunnel of Love aka Pulse Duo

by | Dec 18, 2020 | Penis Pumps, Product Reviews

Here at Restorative Sexual Health Clinic, we often receive client content contributions. And with their consent, we are sharing one with you, today. This piece is contributed by ‘The Test-icle’ and it chronicles his journey of powering up his penis and satisfaction (after a slight frustration) of using the Pulse Duo.

The Tunnel of Love

aka Duo Pulse (by hot octopus)

Hi Penis People!

I live in rural WA 300 km from Perth. It is 6 months since my radical prostatectomy at Hollywood Hospital. On my request, the surgeon gave me a guided tour of da Vinci the robot before it (da Vinci) did the radical removal! Breathtaking technology. I’m back on my MTB every day, had continence nailed 2 hours after the catheter came out (previous pelvic floor fitness), and am on a sex rehab program with the gorgeous Melissa! (no, you’re not the only bloke who thinks she’s gorgeous, we all do!!).

I elected to do the injection therapy rather than the vacuum pump for penis health much to Melissa’s delight. I just couldn’t get my head around the vacuum pump. Apart from a few issues with couriers getting my “Mix” to me before the ice melted (now resolved), the injection therapy is going very well. The initial emotional trauma of firing a 15mm needle into my penis has now subdued to “routine”. I manage a nice 7 out of 10 most times (firmware) for 10 minutes or so and then a nice 5/10 software for 4 hours. I wish my software was always that size! Melissa got Oxford Pharmacy to make a new brew and we are hopeful to make 10/10 (hardware) before too long (pardon the pun)!!


And then Melissa asked me about orgasms. Nope. No joy. It’s too small to play and I’m not in the “mood” after injecting. Well, not yet. So, Melissa sent me the Duo Pulse. I’m not into sex aids. Never have been. Never needed them. And I was skeptical. Very skeptical. Really Melissa? An orgasm with software?? Nar. So, I tried the Duo Pulse. No joy for the first 2 attempts. Then one day, the sun shone through my northern window, no one was home and I felt randy. Duo Pulse. This time with heaps of KY. The Duo Pulse is completely washable. It took a while. Maybe for 5 minutes. I stuffed around with the vibration settings and was generally a bit anxious. Who wouldn’t be?? AND THEN I suddenly knew I was ‘On my way”. That wonderful moment when you know you have climbed plateau by plateau sufficiently to know that orgasm is going to happen. It did. OK, maybe just a 5/10 intensity but unmistakably an orgasm.

I now regularly achieve 9/10 intensity orgasms with the Duo Pulse. And injecting has become so nonstressful that I use the Tunnel of Love while I still have 7/10 firmware. I’ve found that KY is critical. The vibration setting is not critical. I suggest just leaving it on the first setting. It is critical to make sure the round vibration pad on the inside the Tunnel of Love is directly under your “Boy Clit” (Frenulum). I’ve also found that it is IMMENSELY helpful to gently stoke the Tunnel of Love as though you are gently masturbating. I think it sends a signal to your brain of “the good days” and helps enormously. And by the way, dry “ejaculations” are every bit as nice as wet ones. I still get that lovely sensation of firing a shot on those last few strokes. And dry blows save heaps of tissues (or your partner gagging!!).

So, with orgasm confidence and the hope of an insertable hardware erection soon, my beautiful, ever patient, ever-supportive wife and I hope to get back to some “screamers” before too long.

I hope you found this report helpful. Ask any questions via Melissa. If I’ve done a good job on this report, Melissa might make me a Product Test Pilot. Hope so.

All the best my fellow men. Keep Walking. Good times await.

The Test-Icle.

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