For Suck Sake aka Eclipse by Nexus

The Test-Icle


Hello again Penis People!

I love getting deliveries in a small box in brown wrap. It can only mean one thing. Another test flight for the lovely Melissa from RS Health. That’s for Melissa, not with Melissa!! Haha! After my previous reports on the Tunnel of Love (aka Duo Pulse) by hotoctopuss and The Stroke of Genius (aka Nero by Playful), Melissa sent me The Eclipse.

A Quick Update of My Journey

But firstly, a bit of an update on my own journey. In the 10 months since my radical prostatectomy, I’ve done over 40 injections. All have been successful at achieving at least firmware and more recently, that elusive hardware!! Yep, insertable hardware! You might recall that in my last report I mentioned that my beautiful wife and I were starting to think about the miracle of having sex. Well folks, at injection 42, we did. I was a bit worried afterwards that we might get complaints from the neighbours!! For my ever patient, ever caring wife, it was like the lid of a pressure cooker exploding. Yeah baby!

Anyway, back to the Eclipse. Perhaps the best way of describing the Eclipse is to share with you the sticky note that Jodie (Melissa’s lovely admin manager) put on the box. “Keen to know if this sucks like a Dyson”. (hmm… maybe “sticky” note was a poor choice of words!). I’m starting to understand why Melissa employed Jodie! Such a valuable member of RSH! Anyway, the Eclipse is unashamedly designed for a head job. Yep, it is essentially a “cup” that you hold on the head of your penis and it gives you a head job. Hey boys, finish reading this article and just hold fire before you jump on the RS web site to buy one!! I knew I’d have your undivided attention at head job!!

What we Do

Dispeling the 'Suction' Myth

Let’s dispel a myth. A head job, or getting sucked off, has absolutely nothing to do with suction. Come on lads, get real, it’s all about lips and tongue. No one can hold their breath for THAT long (pardon the pun). Getting sucked off is a misnomer! So please don’t think that the Eclipse has a vacuum pump. It doesn’t! However, what it does have is very raunchy! It has a vibration pad which sits under your Boy Clit (frenulum). Big deal, so do Duo and Nero. HOWEVER, (Warning: expect at least firmware if you read on….) it also has what Eclipse refers to as a Stroker. Again, a misnomer. The stroker is not a back-and-forth motion as the name implies. It is a very raunchy circular motion again under the Boy Clit. Hold on boys (oops, another pun), it gets better…. the circular motion is done by a gadget that is remarkably similar to the shape of the end of a tongue. Oh yeah…. now we’re talking! And yes, you can have both the vibration mode and the tongue mode working together. Lordy, lordy!!


For me? As raunchy as the Eclipse is, I’ve never really been into head jobs. For me, the feeling of “shaft” is essential. If it’s an erection orgasm, then a wet ‘n warm vagina is still ultimate for me. And for practice, I’d pick Nero. And if I’m not in the mood to inject but want to practice orgasm with software, then Duo is the weapon of choice. And if my budget only stretched (sorry, pun) to one device, I would personally go the Duo every time simply because you can orgasm with software, firmware, or hardware. Versatile!

All the best my fellow men. Keep Walking. Good times await.

Regards, The Test-Icle.

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