Top 5 tips for Flaccid Orgasm

By Melissa Hadley Barrett

Did You Know?


Did you know a man can have an orgasm without an erection? 

If not go to this video   

That said it is not easy to masturbate without an erection to hold on too, so my top tips are: 

  1. Use a penis pump and ring to hold a semi erection so you have something to grip 
  2. Try vibration toys on the head(glans) of penis such as the My Ilo ring.


  3. Try a Pulse duo – it is designed for flaccid orgasm  (Check this link to see Pulse Duo)


  4. Use some visual stimulation


  5. Use lots of lube we recommend My Ilo Slip Lube


To know more about the Pulse Duo, below are two helpful articles: 


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