Myths of Penis Injections Debunked


You want me to stick a needle in what!?

Let’s talk about ICI injections (Intracavernosal Injections), believe it or not, I have thousands of penis owner patients who use a needle in the shaft of their penis on a regular basis in order to get an erection. When I mention this as an option, most men initially screw up their face and make a comment along the lines of ‘there is no way I am doing that’. Then after a little convincing that they will not know until they try it (just once), they are a convert and eagerly book to come back and learn how to do it themselves.


I’m not going to pretend that this is an ideal way to achieve an erection. However, for many men and their partners, it is better than not having one at all. You will not believe me until you try it, but there really is no pain involved. I know what you are thinking “how would she know she doesn’t even have a penis” and you would be correct, I don’t, but I do have firsthand experience as I have given A LOT of these injections over the years and I can only think of two instances where the man complained of pain. Most men are shocked at the lack of feeling in their old friend.

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Cons of Using Penis Injections

Of course, there are pros and cons to this procedure so let’s talk about the cons first (just to be different).

FIRST CON: The biggest complaint I hear is the loss of spontaneity.

Couples will say they are getting hot and heavy or amorous and then proceedings stop whilst the man goes and gives himself an injection which takes 5-10 min to do depending on the proficiency of the administrator. This problem is real but there are a few ways to make this less of an impact. Such as do the injection together or plan sex. “WHAT?” you say, “where is the fun in that?”. My response is that people plan holidays and night outs etc and then they look forward to them, they anticipate the event and this adds to the pleasure. So why can’t sex be thought of in the same way? I think the reason is that movies have sex look like it is more exciting and enjoyable if it is spontaneous.

I beg to differ; sex can be enjoyable when anticipated, it is all about how you look it.

SECOND CON: The second con to ICI is the risk of Priapism.

(I love this word, great for Scrabble). Priapism is an erection that lasts longer than 2 hours. This sounds exciting but it can leave lasting damage to the penis and be very painful so trust me you want to avoid them at all costs. Sometimes though, they just happen.

Priapism can be relieved by taking pseudoephedrine tablets in a particular dose, exercising also can help dissipate Priapism. Pseudoephedrine is a common ingredient in cold and flu tablets and sinus medication. It unblocks your nose and your penis! There is a regime to follow which I teach everyone using ICI. If this doesn’t work, then the penis may need to be drained of the blood to get it back to its flaccid state. This is not a pleasant procedure however as priapism is often painful, most men are relieved to have it done. The best option is to start using very tiny doses of the injectable medicine and increase gradually to avoid this problem.

Pros of Using Penis Injections


The obvious pro is the penis gets hard and intercourse is possible which is a WIN-WIN.


The other big pro is many men state they can have more than one orgasm following an injection, this is because unlike most erections, it does not go down once the penis owner has an orgasm. The erection usually lasts 45-60 mins.

Different Ways to Use Penile Injections

On your own or with the help of a partner

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