Privacy and why an online penile rehab program

A personal note from Melissa Hadley Barrett

From Melissa

Hi all,

As you know recently, I have released a Penile Rehabilitation Program for men with prostate cancer.

It has been a very interesting journey and creating it helped me to put on paper the information and techniques I have learnt from my mentors, the research, and personal experience working with men and their partners.

I have tried to incorporate answers to the common questions that I am asked in face-to-face consults. 

As discussed in Episode 39 of The Penis Project Podcast (listen here), I developed this program for men who don’t live in places where they can access to face to face consults and for overseas clients but I am surprised that many men have shown interest in the online program even when they could attend a consult.

This had led me to think about why this might be so.

After asking some questions and reading Facebook feedback, I have concluded that many men feel embarrassed to discuss personal issues with someone else and would prefer to learn in the privacy of their own homes.

The other reason men are accessing the online program is that they are time-poor. I understand this dilemma well as I am like a mechanic car,  my health always goes on hold as difficult to see health professionals out of hours.  

It is my aim and the aim of the Restorative Sexual Health Team to enable all men to have access to reliable sexual health information whether that be in a one-on-one consult or via a virtual method. So, if you know someone out there who may benefit from this program, please forward them the following link to watch the introduction video.  

As a side note, I am unable to provide this program for free as the cost of maintaining the platforms, printing, time to answer questions, etc all add up so there is a cost involved. It may be helpful to keep in mind that the program is equivalent to 10 consults worth of information.  


What we Do

The Penile Rehab Program from Melissa

How much do you really want your erection back?

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer is a frightening place to be, but

considering 96-97% of men do actually recover from it, the odds are pretty good.

After that, however, chances are you’ll be left with a penis that
doesn’t work properly, and that’s kind of a problem, to say the least.

Now it may improve on its own, but it could take a couple of years, and do you
want to be sitting around in incontinence pants, waiting that long for an erection?!

Didn’t think so.

The Penile Rehab Program can help you get an erection straight away!

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