TPP 54: Paul the Poet, clarity in the chaos!

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For today’s episode, we talk with Paul.

We will start the episode with a poem written by Paul… and then the elaboration of how this poem came to be.

From losing his father to knowing he has cancer, Paul was not able to have time to really process everything happening around him – until he needed anxiety meds. And eventually, started to think of taking his own life.

And then… healing began.

To join us and Paul through this process, just click the PLAY button below to start listening.

Is it self pity I look at my plight
The days all seem so dark I search for the light
I’m on the ropes its only round one,
I look to the canvas my strength all but gone

But those in the corner who look to the ring
Hold on to the towel from their hands it won’t fling,
They have that belief, their faith in me,
To rise to the challenge and beat the big C!

I’ve found this strength within me before
It lies inside at my very core,
So Big C we stand toe to toe
Punches come and the more you throw.

Shoulders slumped you sense defeat
But I’m not on the canvas I’m standing strong on my feet,
Identity as a man you may take from me
But a surgeon’s knife and of you I will be free.

You won’t define me with all of this strife
I have more to offer, You won’t take my life
Unfair to leave with struggles and fear,
Passing your suffering to loved ones who care.

From the edge, step back
Towards them please walk,
They’re waiting to listen, reach out and talk.
For you it’s dark, but there’s nothing to gain

Don’t leave them behind to carry on your pain. 

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