TPP 52: FOFO – Soakademia

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For today’s episode, we talk to Brendan – who has just recently undergone surgery a few weeks ago, 3.5 weeks to be exact.  

Brendan talks about his journey from when he figured out his PSA levels, to going through Covid and worry, to coping with the loss of someone close who succumbed to prostate cancer and to finally making a choice towards facing the inevitable C.  

He also explains what FOFO is and this cool term ‘soak-ademia’ that we believe some or even most of you might have experienced.  

Have a listen to this raw and fresh story that will surely resonate with those who have gone through the same predicament… and to those who are about to face the big C, Brendan’s story will help you figure out the first steps.  

Enjoy! And if you have a story you would like to share or a topic you want us to discuss, please feel free to fill out this form >> 

Suggested Walk Durations from Dr. Jo

  • Prior surgery – 1 hour walking a day or 5 km walks is a good thing to aim for
  • Post-surgery (with catheter) – short walks, less than 10-15 mins
  • Post-surgery (no catheter) – 15-20 mins, less leakage in the morning than in the afternoon

Guide to help with your Pelvic Floor Exercises


Not sure where to start to improve your penile function?

Are you also the same with Brendan on not knowing where to start to improve your penile x sexual function?

Send us a message at SUPPORT@RSHEALTH.COM.AU to know more about the Penile Rehabilitation Program – self-paced penile recovery roadmap to help you make the right decisions for your treatment. 

The Penis Project Podcast is the place to come to find out everything you’ve always wanted to know about men’s health but were too embarrassed to ask.

The Penis Project is sponsored by PROST! Exercise for Prostate and the Yoga Vine. PROST is a not for profit organization in Western Australia is a not for profit organisation that provides professionally guided exercise training and support to men during Prostate Cancer treatment, to optimise preparation and recovery.

The Yoga Vine is a Perth based studio operating for the past 8 years on St Georges terrace in the heart of the CBD, offering daily classes as well as a suite of Professional education and personal development programs for students, Yoga Teachers and the broader community. They are based in Perth CBD and provide a full range of corporate Yoga, mindfulness and wellness packages, seminars and workshops designed to keep your workplace productive, positive and healthy.

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1 Comment

  1. James Laurie

    I really enjoyed this session as I am only 5 weeks post-op and identified with much of this story. I am suffering from perineal pain and ask if you have a podcast that deals with this issue? Many thanks, JL

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