TPP 45: Debunking the Mysteries of Continence Issues

by | Aug 3, 2021 | The Penis Project Podcast

Last week, we had Melissa debunk the myths of Erectile Dysfunction, for this week, we will have Dr. Jo debunk the mysteries of continence issues affecting men.

The topics include both peeing and pooping problems, the use of continence pads and how to wean off them, and how to incorporate penile clamps for improved management of urinary leakage. Garnered from working with 1000’s of men in the same predicament clinically, Dr. Jo has protocols that will help any man gradually reduce continence pad use – including size, number, and the need for pads PLUS, a penile clamp protocol that will immediately improve the quality of life for heavy urinary leakage.

Placed on the penis as a simple clamping device, the urinary flow stops, and the bladder re-trains, enabling a man to move, walk, exercise, and socialize without leakage!

For some this has been a life-saver and for most men, restores dignity and confidence during a time of distress.

In addition, this episode also includes information about pelvic floor muscle training, bladder irritants including caffeine and alcohol, and how they affect continence and confidence!

Updates on bowel continence management and the Bins 4 Blokes campaign are also addressed in this jam-packed episode of tips from the physiotherapy clinic and Dr. Jo!

Have a listen below!


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