TPP 44: Debunking the Mysteries Surrounding Erectile Dysfunction

by | Jul 27, 2021 | The Penis Project Podcast


If you have ever done a Google search about erectile dysfunction, then perhaps you can relate to that feeling of getting more confused rather than finding answers. Why? Because there’s just too much information! 

This is the reason why Melissa will be talking about this topic, today. 

This episode covers penis pills (and how they weren’t originally invented not really for the penis), injections, pumps, and implants. 

For this week’s episode, Melissa will be debunking the mysteries surrounding erectile dysfunction.  The aim of this episode is to describe the treatments available and how they work. 

Just a few words to note: 

  • Vasodilation – opens up your veins which makes blood flow easier
  • Vasoconstriction – constricts your veins which lessens blood low


Topics covered are: 

1. Penis Pills

a. The types of Penis Pills (and a new one being used in the US – a suppository inserted through your urethra)


b. Viagra and its story


2. Injections 

a. Injections are not painful as there are no pain receptors in your penis (or in the area where you put the injection).

b. There’s a proper way to do injections and to see what meds do not cause side effects

c. Complications from penis injections (Priapism) and what to do when this happens


3. Pumps

Penis pumps don’t make your penis larger but it does help when used for intercourse and exercising the penis.

a. What are pumps?

b. What pumps should you buy?

c. What pumps does Melissa recommend?

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4. Implants

What’s Melissa’s advice on implants? 


If you want to know all the answers to these questions, click the play button below and have a listen. 


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