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  • Vacurect penis pump
  • Inject Ease
  • Pulse Duo
  • Eros Aqua Hyaluron & Panthenol lubricant (100ml)


Vacurect Penis Pump

The Vacurect Penis Pump uses vacuum constriction therapy. Vacuum constriction devices help men achieve and sustain an erection by creating a vacuum around the penis so that blood flows through it enlarging it. The Vacurect uses no harmful chemicals and is safe and effective for use by patients with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) caused by many conditions, including:

Surgery for prostate and colon cancer
Poor blood flow to the penis

Inject Ease

The Inject Ease assists the user to automatically insert a needle by placing a pre-drawn syringe inside the device. Ideal for those who have restricted hand dexterity.

Simply place your loaded syringe in the Inject Ease, place the tip against your skin, and press the button to automatically deliver the needle through the skin. You control the rate at which the medicine is injected.

To learn how to use please see this video:

Pulse Duo

This toy is perfect for flaccid stimulation and is so effective you don't need to manually stroke to benefit from the sensation. These features combined make it super versatile, and a great toy for men with erectile dysfunction (ED) or those who struggle with mobility or grip. Use with a water-based lube.

A simple press of a button on the toy allows you to tailor the vibrations from the powerful pulse plate, while the remote allows you to adjust the rumbly vibrations coming from the base of the toy. Independent control – combined pleasure.

Eros Aqua Hyaluron & Panthenol 100ml

EROS Aqua Hyaluron + Panthenol is a water-based lubricant. It is the ideal lubricant, especially for women.

It is safe for latex condoms, improves the gliding ability during sexual intercourse, is very productive and has an additional nurturing and protective effect due to moisturising hyaluron and regenerative panthenol. In addition, it is water-soluble, fat-free, tasteless, colourless and odourless.