Men diagnosed with prostate cancer, and their partners, are suddenly keen to learn about how they can reduce the need to undergo surgery or radiation treatment by suppressing the growth of the cancer. This book, The Prostate Playbook, pulls together a range of evidence-based strategies to tip the scales in favour of outlasting the prostate cancer and avoiding the life changing side-effects of incontinence or erectile dysfunction that are associated with treatment.

Prof. Craig Allingham brings his experience in high performance training and practical advice to provide a playbook of strategies to avoid or contain prostate cancer. There are three main themes – mental skills, nutrition and physical activity. Based on medical research a range of options are presented for men to make changes to improve their health outcomes. Included are sections on the best type of physical training, the most useful dietary changes and supplements and mental skills to deprive the cancer of energy.

Men will learn about alcohol consumption, sugar, cruciferous vegetables, appropriate resistance training, how fast to walk, the value of sleep and much more. The cancer scare raises their awareness and Craig provides the solutions they need in an entertaining and informative style.

About the Author

Asst. Prof. Craig Allingham is a men’s health physiotherapist with a high performance sports science background. He has worked with four Australian Olympic Teams and brings this expertise of health and preparation to meet the needs of men at risk of prostate cancer. He is a trained speaker, professional educator, bee keeper and motorcyclist. Craig is located in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast, Qld.


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