Written by Olympic, Sports, and Men’s Health Physiotherapist Craig Allingham, the Prostate Recovery MAP is a welcome addition to resources for men recovering from prostate surgery.

The diagnosis of prostate cancer can be the start of an unwelcome journey filled with medical waiting rooms, doctors, indignities, doubts, scores, fears and decisions. Most of them unfamiliar and outside our usual expertise. For men who choose surgical treatment, the relief from the cancer threat is welcome. The trade off, however, is life altering.

Prostate Recovery MAP is an action plan for men, following prostate cancer treatment, who want more than just survival – men who want a quality of life that makes the surgery worthwhile. It is a skill based program that takes a high performance approach to maximizing return of bladder control and erectile function.

In Craig’s words:

This book outlines my five level plan for maximising recovery following prostate surgery. As life is a bit challenging at such times I have tried to lighten the tone with humour as well as active links to connect the reader to videos explaining what the book is describing and videos of exercises mentioned in the book. This book provides a total package for men looking for practical guidance and real life advice.

Once you have the MAP, all you have to do is follow it.