Episode 48: Pablo’s Show of Stickability; An encouragement for all men

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Men's Issues, The Penis Project Podcast

For today’s episode, we talk to Pablo.  

Pablo is what we can describe as someone who has an amazing stickability – being able to stick to the best practices and keeping tabs of anything he does to know what works or not.  

At first, Pablo didn’t have it all good – no, not all. He suffered from leakage during play. Not just a minor leakage issue but a 200-250ml leakage.  

What did he do to change this and enjoy minimal-to-no leakage?  

Click the PLAY button below to know it all! 😉  


What did Pablo do to help with controlling Urine?  

  1. Pelvic Floor Exercises is a forever ritual (try to do 3x/day). Please feel free to check the Pelvic Floor Exercises guide below.
  2. Limiting coffee, no cola drinks
  3. Urinate before having a play and halfway through as well 


How long did Pablo stay in the hospital after the Sling procedure?  

  • Overnight with catheter 


Is the surgery a major one?  

  • No, it’s only a minor one.  



  • 4-6 weeks of no physical or sexual activity 


Will Pablo recommend this to anyone? 

Most certainly!  


Pelvic Floor Exercises and Penile Massage

The Penis Project Podcast is the place to come to find out everything you’ve always wanted to know about men’s health but were too embarrassed to ask.

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