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How Do I Know if Therapy is Right for Me?

No matter how well you and your partner know each other or how much you love each other, some conversations are more difficult than others. Talking about sexual difficulties is one of these subjects and as such, it can help to discuss with a sexologist who can guide you both through the conversation so you both get the opportunity to express feelings, concerns, desires etc. Often partners blame themselves for their partners sexual dysfunction and often the person with the issue withdraws emotionally from the relationship to avoid feelings of embarrassment, shame or anxiety.

Sexual difficulties in a relationship often have nothing to do with physical function and are a symptom of other relationship issues. It can help to spend time with a third party to help navigate these conversations and develop a way forward together that suits both people.

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Sexologist Chantelle Otten in her book “The Sex Ed You Never Had” has some good tips on how to communicate about sexuality with your partner.

  • Never talk about it as ‘your issue’ or ‘my issue’ (p328)
  • Don’t talk in the bedroom about sexual problems (p328)
  • Be vulnerable and tell them how the concern makes you feel (p329)
  • Be clear and direct (p329)
  • Hold back from judgement or blame when your partner comes to you with concerns (p329)

The Sex Ed You Never Had, Chantelle Otten - Published in 2021 by Allen &Unwin, Australia

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